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Meet Prally

Artificial intelligence underpins the real power of the network. Enter Prally - an advanced digital assistant which uses powerful AI to provide investment advice to users, across a range of over 50 support currencies and payment transfers.

Problems & Solutions

Solving problem for users

Bitenny helps to lower the risk and trepidation of investing in crypto by offering a free AI-enabled wallet. This system allows users to swap virtual currencies more securely, with full compliance. Unlike similar platforms, it also has tight integration between virtual and physical currencies, letting people hold, pay and distribute cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with ease.

Real-time access to crypto markets means Prally, the interactive assistant, can inform users about current trading opportunities and provide them with ideas on trade execution. A key feature, this limits the risk that comes from having lack of experience in investing in crypto.

Solving problem for merchants

To create a seamless experience for businesses that want to accept crypto payments, Bitenny comes equipped with the fully featured Bitenny API, which is easy to integrate into online stores and is available free of charge.

Rather than one easy-to-use platform, merchants are stuck with several Payment Service Providers (PSPs) with a lack of integration between them. Bitenny, an advanced technical platform accepting over 50 methods of payment, including comprehensive crypto integration, solves this problem.

Solving problem for brick-and-mortar merchants

A lack of specialised software has made it difficult for physical stores to accept crypto payments. The Bitenny system can be installed easily on a tablet-PC to be used by the cashier at the point of sale, allowing users with a Bitenny Wallet to pay with cryptocurrency.

Buy BTNY Token

Interested in innovation? Join our global community. Simplify and shape the future.

Simplicity and Accessibility

Simplify your future, simplify the market. This is the aim of Bitenny.

The network achieves this through the deployment of simple and elegant payment solutions which leverage the following features;

  • Ultra secure, ultra convenient registration and login, using PIN and biometric identification
  • Easy and total access to full investment portfolios in the Bitenny wallet, as well as rich analytics tools
  • Comprehensive currency wallet tracking and secure private key storage from the Bitenny Interactive Wallet
  • Market leading KYC authorisation in terms of speed and security, allowing users to pivot between fiat and digital currencies with ease
  • Support for credit and debit card facilities, supporting physical payments at in-store points of sale
  • Harnessing artificial intelligence to support user investments, and more

Bitenny Use Case Scenarios

Bitenny is not designed to be a single use platform, nor is it designed with the needs of one, narrow set of users in mind. Instead, it is intended as a comprehensive and wide-ranging network which will offer support to the burgeoning crypto movement as it grows, evolves, and thrives in the future.

One time digital payments

Users will be able to make easy, one-off payments using Bitenny. They first need to open the Bitenny Interactive Wallet, then consult Prally's real-time analysis to select the most advantageous currency option. They will be able to do this by looking at the real-time analytics or by accessing a full financial report. Then, armed with the proper insight, they submit the payment as normal.

Recurring digital payments

In many instances, users will need to make long term, recurring payments. This can be achieved with just as much ease as with one time payments. The Bitenny platform integrates with merchant systems both on and offline, working in a similar way to a direct debit.

The user needs to simply ascertain the costs, the terms of the payment, the length of the payment period, and the due date. This information is then used to create the long-term payment. AI then steps in to make sure the payments are handled in the most advantageous way possible, according to the latest market movements.

Prally, the Bitenny AI assistant, handles these ongoing tasks and provides automatic financial reports to keep you informed about what is going on.

Crypto trading

While Bitenny provides great advantages when used as a payment platform, it is also designed to provide effective support for crypto trading or investment. Whether you are a seasoned crypto trader or a complete newcomer to the market, you'll be able to benefit from the AI tools provided by the network, and maximise your ROI.

Prally's Advanced Trading tools provide information and automated trading solutions for investors and traders on a one time use or on a subscription basis. Users simply need to feed critical information into Prally - including the amount of value they wish to trade, the time period, and the desired outcomes - and the tool will do the rest. The system can generate reports, analyse market conditions, or even execute trades on your behalf if permitted to, with over 50 payment methods accepted for investment.

PSPs for online merchants

A key use case for online merchants is to use Bitenny as a core PSP - or Payment Services Provider. Cryptocurrencies are gaining in market share every day, and yet so many online merchants are still missing out on this potential. Bitenny makes sure this is not the case.

With Bitenny, merchants receive the simple and effective support for crypto payments that they need to thrive in the market. In most cases, this will enable retailers to get the jump on the competition, achieving comprehensive payment support before their competitors do.

Merchants will also be able to connect with daily revenue reports as well as round the clock support. Payments in crypto or fiat currency will be able to be handled simultaneously, and merchants can receive the funds in their supported currency of choice.

Digital wallet use for bricks and mortar merchants

Physical stores will also be able to accept fiat and crypto payments in the same way. The wallet is installed on a smartphone or tablet and then used to interact with customer wallets to complete the transaction. The process is exactly the same as with an online transaction, but the app and device combination creates a smart point of sale for customer use.


Bitenny solutions target both digital payment and retail point-of-sales payments markets.

Digital payments market is expected to continue grow rapidly and reach $5.7 trillion by 2022*

The market of Robo-advisors, offering an automated online portfolio of investment opportunities, made $0.2 Tn in 2017 and forecasted to grow up to $1.5 Tn by 2022

Buy BTNY Token

Interested in innovation? Join our global community. Simplify and shape the future.

Platform Technology

Bitenny's structure incorporates two separate components, operating together as a whole to provide comprehensive functionality to users. These components are as follows: The Bitenny platform and the Bitenny backend.



    • Secured seed funding of $600K
    • Develop website
    • Development & Audit of token sale contracts
    • Start MVP development
    • Whitepaper release
    • Community building
    • International token sales
    • Continuing of development Bitenny platform
    • Listing Token on exchanges
    • Release Bitenny trading
    • Bitenny release of payment solution
    • Release Prally digital assistant
    • Implementation of Prally voice queries and natural-language user interface
    • Bitenny white label solution for partners

Token Information

The BTNY token will have genuine value both in the real world sphere and online. This includes real fungibility across a range of transactions, and usage as a vehicle for payments relating to goods and services. All services, fees and licensing of the Bitenny platform use BTNY utility token. BTNY may be used as an in-between when converting tokenized FIAT currencies between Bitenny accounts, which enables rate discovery, advances liquidity and eases adaptation across local currencies.

Learn more about BTNY below;

Utility token

Token Name ‘BTNY’ - an ERC20 token

  • Will be listed at crypto exchanges
  • Will be required to use some of the platform features

Token sale terms

Token price: 0.07 USD per BTNY
Hardcap:25 000 000 USD
Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Unsold tokens will be burned

Token sale terms

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+5% bonus for purchasing > 100 ETH

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